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Christine Campbell, B.Sc. Biological Sciences; Diploma Animal Sciences

I began university with the sole intention of becoming a veterinarian.  I worked hard toward that goal, balancing my degree, a diploma, multiple part-time jobs, and extensive volunteer work.  When I finished my undergraduate degree in biological sciences, however, I’d found a passion for science and environmental work and I decided to explore those passions.  


I accepted a position with Golder Associates, which would not only allow me to work on reclamation projects, but would also allow me to learn a whole new skill: project management.  I spent nearly five years working on a variety of environmental and permitting projects, learning about the environmental impacts of industry in Alberta.  Meanwhile, I continued to volunteer with animal-related organizations which kept my passion for veterinary medicine alive.



In September 2015, I took the opportunity to redirect my compass back towards my main passions: conservation, wildlife biology, and veterinary medicine.  I wanted to work on projects which would challenge me, make me think differently about the world around me, and afford a variety of experience. I started Twisted Nature Biology Consulting and Environmental Education to help companies find socially and environmentally-responsible solutions for their environmental challenges and to empower individuals to take positive action in their own lives and management of the land they steward.


In November 2015, I also accepted the role of Western Hub Manager for ALUS Canada.  The mission of ALUS Canada is to enable Canadians to provide direct support to a national network of farmers and ranchers delivering ecosystem services in their communities, including clean air, clean water, carbon sequestration, erosion control, flood mitigation, pollinator support, and wildlife habitat.  My role with ALUS connects me to Canada's rural land managers, municipalities, government, and non-profits.  My work with ALUS has inspired several Twisted Nature initiatives, especially those involving local food .  


Specialities: conservation biology, genetics, population health, ecosystem health, technical writing and editing, project management

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4759 Rundlewood Road NE

Calgary, AB  T1Y 2N7

Mobile: 587-894-0666

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Twisted Nature Biology Consulting & Environmental Education

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4759 Rundlewood Road NE

Calgary, AB  T1Y 2N7

Mobile Phone: 587-894-0666

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