Learning opportunities are all around us.  We need only to step outdoors to the world's greatest classroom.


I encourage youth and adults to explore the world around us.  We'll learn plant and animal identification techniques, peek at the local diversity, and explore topics related to conservation.


Is there something you, your family, class, or group would like to learn? Give me a call at 587-894-0666 to discuss your idea.  We'll make it fun, interactive, educational, and meaningful.  I can work with any curriculum.


Here are just a few ideas to get you started:






  • Wildlife track identification

  • Plant identification

  • Planting workshops

  • Humane wildlife management

  • On-farm environmental projects

  • At-home environmental projects

  • Riparian health assessment

  • Ecosystems

  • Symbiotic relationships

  • Climate change

  • Sustainability

  • Recycling

  • Urban food production

  • Local food

  • Pollinators

  • Species-at-Risk

  • Building bee boxes, bat boxes, bird boxes, hen houses, etc.

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